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Rotary piston vacuum pumps Problem & Solutions

Rotary piston vacuum pumps Problem & Solutions

Sunren   |   Updated : 20 Dec, 2022, 1:07 am

Vacuum pumps are governed and influenced by several factors. As the Rotary piston vacuum pumps and their accessories play a major role in the performance of the pumps, periodic inspections of the Rotary piston vacuum pumps and all their accessories, including piping and equipment, are important.

Rotary piston vacuum pumps

this article will help you to solve your rotary piston vacuum pumps problems.

Excessively High System/Pump Ultimate Pressure

This could be due to:

  • Check the performance of the vacuum pump if there is faulty process equipment or improper functioning of the vacuum pump.
  • In case of vapor pressure contamination, clean the equipment with acetone or alcohol, or pump down the equipment with a vacuum pump overnight.
  • Make sure that process equipment is leak-free.
  • Clean the oil ducts if the vacuum pump oil is not flowing properly.
  • Change pump oil if vacuum pump oil is contaminated.
  • The discharge valves may be malfunctioning. Check them as per “Discharge Valves”.
  • A leak in the vacuum pump – check the pump for leaks. A malfunctioning shaft seal in the vacuum pump – check the shaft seal.
  • Worn or damaged internal parts — Disassemble the pump and check the internal components.
  • Oil flow blocked – Clean oil lines.

Excessive pump noise at low pressure

This could be due to:

  • Pump discharge noise resulting from an open gas ballast valve.

Pump Stalls

  • Pump stalls could lead to production loss. Probable causes could be:
  • Pump not operating – Check for electrical power loss.
  • Pump malfunctioning. The pump oil is contaminated or the pump is inadequately lubricated.
  • Blocked discharge line of the pump – Clean the discharge line of the pump, and check the oil mist eliminator element for obstructions.

The pump does not start

  • In the event of an electrical failure, check the power supply at the pump and the motor.
  • Floating oil in the pump – Turn over the pump manually or disassemble it to remove the oil.
  • A very low temperature – Turn on the heat pump to the minimum temperature recommended.
  • Discharge of oil from an oil mist eliminator
  • If there is excess oil on the oil mist eliminator discharge side, you can unscrew it and pour the oil back into the pump, or you can reduce the inlet pressure below a certain level to allow the oil to drain back into the oil mist eliminator through the integral check valve.
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